0042 Landscape Gardening

1803 Stone Cutting or Polishing

2806 Door, Sash or Window Mfg.

2812 Cabinet Mfg.

3060 Door or Window Frame Mfg.

4130 Glass Merchants

5020 Ceiling Installation

5027 Masonry (<$27/hr)

5028 Masonry (>=$27/hr)

5107 Door, Door Frame or Pre-Glazed Window Installation

5108 Door installation – overhead doors

5140 Electrical Wiring (>=$30/hr)

5146 Cabinet or Fixtures

5183 Plumbing (<$26/hr)

5185 Automatic Sprinkler Installation (<$27/hr)

5186 Automatic Sprinkler Installation (>=$27/hr)

5187 Plumbing (>=$26/hr)

5190 Electrical Wiring (<$30/hr)

5191 Computer System Installation

5195 Communication Cabling

5201 Concrete or Cement Works - sidewalks (<$24/hr)

5205 Concrete or Cement Works - sidewalks (>=$24/hr)

5212 Concrete Pumping

5213 Concrete Construction (Foundations)

5214 Concrete or Cement Work (Precast)

5348 Tile; Stone, Mosaic or Terrazzo Work

5403 Carpentry (<$29/hr)

5432 Carpentry (>=$29/hr)

5436 Hardwood Floor Laying

5443 Lathing

5446 Wallboard Application (<$31/hr)

5447 Wallboard Application (>=$31/hr)

5467 Glaziers (<$29)

5470 Glaziers (>=$29)

5474 Painting, Decorating or Paper Hanging (<$24/hr)

5482 Painting, Decorating or Paper Hanging (>=$24/hr)

5484 Plastering or Stucco Work (<$27/hr)

5485 Plastering or Stucco Work (>=$27/hr)

5506 Street or Road Construction (Paving)

5507 Street or Road Construction (Grading)

5538 Sheet Metal Work (<$27/hr)

5542 Sheet Metal Work (>=$27/hr)

5632 Steel Framing (Commercial <$27/hr)

5633 Steel Framing (Commercial >=$27/hr)

5650 Termite Control Work

6218 Excavation (<$30/hr)

6220 Excavation (>=$30/hr)

6307 Sewer Construction (<$30/hr)

6308 Sewer Construction (>=$30/hr)

6325 Conduit Construction

6400 Fence Construction

7605 Burglar Alarm Installation, Sevrice or Repair

8227 Construction or Erection Permanent Yards

8810 Clerical Office Employees

9008 Janitorial Services

9009 Building Operation (Commercial, All Other Employees)

9015 Building Operation (All Other Employees)

9519 Household Appliance Service and Repair

9521 Floor Coverings Installation

I certify that I am currently licensed and have not had a previous claim in the past 3 years.

You agree to the following subjectivities and requirements to participate in the Workers Comp program: 1) Must have NO claims in the previous 3 years. A “No Loss Letter” will be required stating you have had no claims. 2) All Employees must be on payroll. 3) All Relatives must be on payroll (Unless they are Owners). If you have had any claims in the previous 3 years, you must submit Loss Runs for review to or by fax at (805) 367-4521.